Voluntary Guidelines, Best Practices & Primers

The ACP Committees and Task Forces created and approved these guidelines. The ACP Board of Directors and the Joint Industry Coupon Committee also approved these guidelines. When guidelines are developed there are “feedback/comment/input loops” from the ACP board of directors back to the Committees and task forces and from the JICC Committee back to the ACP Board of Directors and Committees and Task Forces. This enables representative participation by retailers, manufacturers, coupon processors, vendors and associations, consensus and ultimately endorsement.

The guidelines are available to industry participants. Industry participants include retailers, manufacturers, coupon processors and solution providers that directly support retailers or manufacturers.  These guidelines should not be made public and or available on website that is not password protected.  These guidelines should not be made available to consumers or consumer facing companies. The following documents are available:

Recently Approved:

  • Paper Coupons at Self Checkout
  • GS1 DataBar Start And Expiration Fields
  • Coupon Doubling
  • Coupon Fraud on Mobile Devices

All Available Guides:

  • Digital Distribution Methods Report
  • How to Coupon Guide
  • How to Coupon Guide, Natural Products
  • Creative and Printers Guideline
  • Digital Coupon Primer
  • Print at Home Coupon Guidelines
  • Canadian Internet Coupon Guidelines
  • Glossary
  • Lost in Transit
  • Gs1 DataBar, a Practical Guide
  • Coupon History
  • Coupon Design
  • Family Codes with GS1 Databar Examples
  • Self-Checkout & Coupon Redemption
  • Adjustment Reason Codes
  • Voluntary Guide Healthcare Distributed Coupons

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