Members Corner : Price Chopper Supermarkets Partners with Zavers by Google to Reward their Most…

Price Chopper Supermarkets partners with Zavers by Google to reward their most


Price Chopper Supermarkets partners with Zavers by Google to reward their most

loyal shoppers, increasing spend by 15%


Since its early days as the first self-service supermarket in upstate New York, Price Chopper Supermarkets has prided itself on continually finding fresh, innovative ways to give their customers quality products at low prices.


So when the 81-year-old supermarket chain was looking to deliver better, more

relevant digital coupons to their AdvantEdge loyalty card customers, they chose

to partner with Zavers by Google.


Price Chopper felt that Zavers’ digital coupon solution brought more to the table

than other digital coupon solutions they’d looked at, including the ability to load

coupons directly to rewards cards and engage their most loyal customers.


Seamless installation and integration


Working closely with the Zavers technical team, Price Chopper created a custom

interface that allowed them to integrate content seamlessly with both their

website and mobile app.


“The Zavers team was awesome to work with and they have been responsive

and receptive to our ideas,” says Kitty McKeough, Price Chopper Business

Systems Manager, Store Financial Systems. “No matter what technical questions we had, Zavers was able to remain flexible and quickly adapt and implement a solution.”


Engaging loyal shoppers


“Our shopper surveys showed us that our customers wanted to be able to load

coupons directly to their reward cards,” says Heidi Reale, Price Chopper Director

On a recent survey from Zavers by Google1 shoppers clearly expressed their interest in retailers who provide the option to load digital coupons to card or they found such services “very” or “extremely useful.”


After implementing its digital coupon program, Price Chopper started seeing positive results right away with significant gains with the supermarket’s best customers. Surveys showed that loyal shoppers who spent 50 percent of their share-of-wallet with Price Chopper represented 43 percent of all their e-coupon users. Non–e-coupon users, on the other hand, only represented 24 percent of loyal shoppers.


“We are very happy with the results so far,” says Reale. “We see e-coupons as a way to reward our best shoppers, the ones who spend the most with us and visit us the most. One out of two shoppers using e-coupons are best customers.”




Increasing spend and frequency of loyal customers


A Price Chopper analysis2 of shopper spending habits in February 2011 before the launch of e-coupons, and February 2013, when e-coupons had been available for several months, showed the average total monthly spend of active non-e-coupon customers decreased 5 percent, but increased 10 percent among active shoppers who had engaged with e-coupons an overall difference of 15 percent.


“This analysis has helped affirm how valuable our AdvantEdge e-coupon customers are to our organization”, says Reale. “These are our very best customers and they are continuing to increase their spend in our stores and take advantage of our loyalty programs.”


Summary of results: Comparison of basket size and trips of shoppers in February 2011 and February 2013 who are engaged with e-coupons vs. those who are not.


Planning for future expansion


Looking ahead, Price Chopper hopes to expand their loyalty card program using Zavers’ targeting and segmentation capabilities to reward shoppers with coupons that are tailored to their lifestyles.


“Our primary goal is to help people feed and care for their families. And if we do it in a way that makes their lives easier, then customers will continue to come back to us. I am looking forward to Zavers helping us reach our customers in a more relevant way.”


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