Member’s Corner: Paid Search Campaign Uses Real-Time Bidding and Offline RedemptionMember’s Corner: Data to Optimize…

Paid Search Campaign Uses Real-Time Bidding and Offline Redemption Data to Optimize Paid Search Performance, A Staples Case Study.

In an effort to better understand its online-to-offline marketing efforts, Staples Canada
implemented a paid search campaign that linked to: a printable coupon, an online eComm
code, or mobile landing page displaying a barcode. In partnership with omnichannel
promotions platform RevTrax® and digital marketing technology Kenshoo, Staples
Canada had the ability to trace in-store revenue back to the specific search campaigns
and keywords, in real-time.
A secondary component of the campaign was to drive brand engagement, traffic, and
improve overall SEO to understand how online consumers engage with the Staples
Canada Copy & Print brand, both online and offline.




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