Trends; Millennials Using More Technology to Research Purchases, Healthcare

Findings from 2014 research by Inmar echoed during company’s recent consumer panel

Research conducted earlier this year by Inmar found millennials are employing more technology than other shoppers to research purchases and maintain their wellness. These findings were “given voice” during Inmar’s recent “Mining for Millennials” consumer panel where six shoppers (ranging in age from 18 to 35) spoke about their perceptions and use of promotions, their reactions to supply chain issues experienced in store and how they engage with the healthcare industry.

The Inmar 2014 Shopper Behavior Study found that when it comes to technology, the tool-of-choice for millennials is the smartphone, with 86 percent saying they use one. The panelists, when asked about their usage, spoke to “doing everything” with their smartphones and, collectively, made it clear to audience members just how important smartphones are to them with comments such as “lost without it,” etc.

Much of what they’re doing is pre-purchase research with millennials saying they are using technology to undertake, on average, 11.14 research-related activities related to a potential purchase while older shoppers perform, on average, 9.67 similar activities.

The 2014 Inmar Shopper Lifestyle Study found that this same kind of technology-enabled research is prevalent among millennials when it comes to healthcare, with 90 percent of millennials using technology to learn about health and treatment options. All of the Inmar-program panelists said they use technology to help manage their healthcare. The group’s shared hesitancy to see a doctor and the premium they place on avoiding “unnecessary” consumption of precious free time appear to be helping drive online healthcare-related activity which includes:

  • Learning about treatment side effects                                                                                71%
  • Learning about a medical condition for which they have been diagnosed                 70%
  • Diagnosing their symptoms                                                                                                    67%
  • Comparing treatment options                                                                                               59%
  • Finding coupons or rebates for their medication                                                              38%

At the same time, 57 percent of millennials prefer to do their own research before speaking with their doctor – a higher proportion compared with older shoppers.

To watch a video of the Inmar  “Mining for Millennials” consumer panel,  Click Here

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