ICN has launched a nationwide real time counterfeit coupon alert system

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Intelligent Clearing Network (ICN) has launched a nationwide real time counterfeit coupon alert system.

By using a positive file to validate every paper coupon scanned ICN can identify counterfeit coupons weeks in advance vs. the current negative file process being used today. In addition ICN will communicate the information to the CIC anti counterfeit efforts in real time improving that process also.  The way the system works is a CPG provides ICN with a daily inventory of the coupons they have in circulation and anytime a paper coupon is scanned at an ICN retailer the paper coupon is sent to the ICN cloud for the following validation checks:


  1. Is this counterfeit coupon known to the CIC? If yes reject it.
  2. Is the manufacturer who distributed the coupon participating in Positive File validation?
  3. If YES and the coupon is on the list proceed with additional validation including family codes, quantity and expiration, etc.
  4. If YES and the coupon it not on the list send real time alert to the Manufacturer.
  5. The coupon in question is not rejected at this point and is further validated and accepted if it passes all other validation. We do not want false positives causing customer issues.
  6. If ICN is notified the coupon is counterfeit it is immediately updated with a BLOCK status in the ICN database. Any coupon scanned after that is rejected as counterfeit.
  7. In addition an alert is sent to the CIC so they can alert their members.
  8. If the coupon was left off the list by mistake ICN adds the coupon to the database.


With nationwide coverage ICN can save manufacturers and retailers millions of dollars per year and thousands of hours in labor costs spent chasing funds for accepted then rejected counterfeit coupons. If you are a CPG and interested in positive file validation send an email to support@icn-net.com


If you are a retailer and interested in ICN’s coupon validation solution or other ICN cloud products send an email to bburesh@icn-net.com

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