Members Corner: Hopster Launches Personalized Coupons and Online Media Platform for CPG Brands

Hopster Launches Personalized Coupons and Online Media Platform for CPG Brands


Hopster Launches Personalized Coupons and Online Media Platform for CPG Brands

Using in-store purchase data and gamification Hopster shapes high-value shopper behaviors

Hopster ( launches today as a breakthrough in how CPG brands identify, target and communicate with today’s shopper. Hopster’s media platform marries personalized print-at-home coupons with a suite of web-based tools to drive high-value shopping behaviors like loyalty, cross-promotion and advocacy. It is an interactive savings experience where consumers can engage with relevant branded content in exchange for dynamic coupons, personalized based on actual shopping behaviors.

First introduced over 100 years ago, the coupon has remained a “one-size-fits-all” solution that has been slow to evolve into a modern, relevant promotion. By changing the function of how a coupon is used from a trial-based form of marketing to a trackable form of media that can be used to drive longer-term behaviors, Hopster provides brands with a scalable advertising platform to build direct relationships with shoppers.

“Whether it’s the Sunday circular or online coupon sites, the CPG coupon has seen little innovation in targeting or personalization,” said Brian Wiegand, co-founder and CEO of Hopster, Inc. “Hopster’s here to make it fun and useful for shoppers, while giving brands the chance to unlock the potential of true 1:1 marketing.”

The Hopster Platform:

  • Links digital media to in-store sales with unique, serialized coupons, allowing brands to capture a measurable ROI.
  • Provides CPG brands household level targeting based on purchase history.
  • Gives brands the ability to drive high-value shopper behaviors like advocacy, loyalty and cross- promotion.
  • Eliminates wasteful impression based pricing with a performance based pricing model

“We think there’s a large, immediate opportunity to rethink the core function of the coupon in a way that creates significantly more value to the consumer in a way that doesn’t limit distribution,” said Wiegand.


By personalizing each coupon and closing the redemption loop through Hopster, brands can now identify individual shoppers and measure the impact of online campaigns on in-store sales. Partner brands only pay for actual coupon redemptions or proven digital engagement, such as posting to Facebook, watching a video, taking a poll, and more

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