Members Corner: Hopster Has Awarded Over 100 Million Points to Boost Coupons

Hopster (, a leading internet grocery coupon provider, and the only coupon platform that rewards consumers for engaging directly with their favorite CPG brands, has awarded over 100 million points to its consumer base in less than 1 year.

“We’re extremely proud,” says Brian Wiegand, CEO of Hopster, “by using our platform consumers are savings hundreds of thousands of dollars on their every day grocery purchases.”

At Hopster, points are awarded to consumers for completing simple activities such as Liking a brand on Facebook, watching videos or taking a poll. Those points are then used to “boost” or dynamically increase the value of each coupon, turning Hopster coupons into some of the highest-value coupons on the web.

“Awarding points is one of the things that makes Hopster different from the other coupon providers,” Wiegand points out. “It reflects one of our most important beliefs: that consumers deserve to be rewarded for engaging with their favorite brands, and brands have a basic need to understand their consumer better and get deep consumer insights. Our points platform is a new form of currency that allows brands to exchange rich, targeted savings for deeper relationships with individual shoppers.”

The website is a promotional showroom designed to get consumers to interact directly with brands. Hopster marries brand presence, grocery coupons and engagements making it easy for consumers to earn points that they use to create personalized, high-value grocery coupons that can be used any place that accepts coupons.



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