Get Involved! Join an ACP Committee or Task Force

Anyone from an ACP member company can volunteer to serve on a committee or task force. It’s an opportunity to participate in the improvement of the industry while developing new relationships with industry leaders. Most work is done through monthly conference calls and on-line collaboration. You can volunteer to lend your expertise, or to just learn and support your industry.

Committees & Task Forces

The Education & Training Committee develops and hosts Webinars ,Optional Educational Training Classes and works on other opportunities to educate the industry.

The GS1 Databar Task Force works to support GS1 DataBar coupon coding and validation.

The Industry Coupon Conference Planning Task Force develops the contetna dnactivities for the annual industry coupon conference

The Coupon Guidelines Committee creates best practices on coupon design, validation and processing.

The Membership Committee actively recruits new members.

The Digital Coupon Task Force develops and updates guidelines for digital coupon promotions and reports on the benefits and success of digital coupon programs.

The Market Research Task Force develops unique consumer coupon insight from research data

The Printer Task Force – develops guidelines for security for the printing and delivery of coupons

The Canadian Task Force – addresses coupon issues unique to Canada.

The Health and Wellness Task Force is addressing issue unique to health and wellness programs that issue coupons. Healthcare provider distributed coupons and the natural products channel are two current topics of interest.

The Awards Task Force accepts nominations and determines Lifetime Achievement awards, Industry Impact awards and other special recognition awards.

All committees and task forces have brainstorming session in May and June and develop objectives and issues to address. Any ACP member employees can partcipate. If you are interested in volunteering, contact John Morgan, Executive Director of ACP at (610) 789-9993, or

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