Members Corner: S.E.A. Enterprises Announces New Manufacturer Redemption Services

S.E.A. Enterprises Inc. is pleased to announce a new Manufacturer Coupon Redemption Service for those manufacturers seeking an exciting alternative in the coupon industry.

Listening to the many manufacturers that called S.E.A. concerning their experience and issues with their coupon paying agents, they developed a program to answer their needs.  The program offers fast payment to retail clients, coupon experts available for guidance, coupon redemption and payment audit trail, 100% invoice verification, misredemptions controls and coupon redemption activity and budget reports.

S.E.A. has manufacturer coupon experts on our team that take the time to listen and help.  SEA is  proud of the testimonials from manufacturer clients that have selected the new service.

As you know ‘performance and personal attention’ by coupon experts are the two most important issues when working with a coupon redemption agent.  If you have any questions or would like to receive additional information concerning our fees and exciting new services, please contact S.E.A. at 425-313-0996 ext. 102 or



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