Members Corner: Coupons For Education, LLC Distributes over $26 Million in Savings to Families with…

Coupons For Education, LLC distributed 260,000 coupon booklets, on November 15, each worth more than $100 in savings, for their inaugural launch of the Coupons For Education™ program. In partnership with leading consumer packaged goods manufacturers (CPG), such as Kellogg, Rich Products, and Interstate Battery along with national retailer Target Corporation, the Coupons For Education™ program provides a free coupon booklet to families with elementary school-age children.

Elijah Collard, president of Coupons For Education, LLC said, “This is a WIN-WIN-WIN! Principals love giving their parents a coupon book with over $100 in real savings. Parents love saving money, while at the same time helping the school earn cash. The final WIN is for our participating CPG and retail companies. They recognize the value of their coupons being delivered direct to the homes of families with children from 5 to 12 years old”. This partnership allows families to save money on products they use every day and allows the schools to earn cash to support their activities.

The response from schools and parents was overwhelming, with 545 schools quickly agreeing to participate. As planned, the geographic distribution was closely matched to population density including 45 of the lower 48 states. Families were also pleased with the coupon book they received. “I was excited to get the coupons, especially when it also benefits the school,” stated one parent.





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