Member’s Corner Coupon Redemptions versus “Eyeballs, Impressions, & Clicks”

Coupons are real. They represent an actual sale. Internet “clicks, eyeballs, or impressions” only, at best, create awareness for a brand. Brands are being hit from all angles and coupons are the most reliable way to generate trial, sustain market shelf space and grow a brand says Andrew Martin, chairman of He is willing to give $5,000 to the charity of their choice if one marketing manager can show that the cost of impressions, clicks or eyeballs is as economical in generating sales as online coupons.

CommonKindness is an online coupon platform where brands only pay a fee if they get a sale. It’s that simple. IF you don’t get a sale, you don’t pay a cent. CEO’s from most major brands are now looking for pay-for-performance models like CommonKindness, says Sarah Schloemer, president of CommonKindness.

CommonKindness was founded by several highly successful national brand CEO’s who understand that sales are what counts. Andrew Martin, founding Chairman and CEO of Smartfoods Inc., Annie’s Inc., and Kea Ltd.  says “CommonKindness is a no brainer for a brand. Load your coupon, get free advertising to a valuable audience of ‘influencers’ and only pay a small fee if you get a sale. Your brand is also supporting your consumer’s favorite non-profit so the brand gets a halo. It’s Win, win, win. ” “There is very scant evidence that impressions, eyeballs, and clicks actually generate sales. In fact, the New York Times reported that fewer than 40% of online ads are ever even seen” says Martin. In the case of Facebook, Coke found out the hard way that spending millions of dollars on generating “Likes” had zero benefit to their sales and bottom line except to make it smaller (Advertising Age, March 25 , 2013).

CommonKindness is a woman owned and operated company with Sarah at the helm. She was one of the grocery women of the year in 2013 and Stevie’s award entrepreneur of the year. “The board is so impressed by Sarah’s leadership we have promoted her to CEO” says Heather Smith, a member of the CommonKindness board.  “It is an honor to turn over CommonKindness to someone as dedicated and capable as Sarah and to her new investor group” says Andrew Martin, who will now focus on his philanthropies and CommonKindness charities.

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