Member’s Corner: CommonKindness is the “Go To” Coupon platform – Recognized by Leading Brands, Celebrities…



CommonKindness is the “Go To” Coupon Platform – Recognized By Leading Brands, Celebrities & Progressive Grocer

Recently Progressive Grocer awarded CommonKindness President Sarah Schloemer, The 2013 Top Women In Grocery award for the development of the innovative CommonKindness coupon platform.   To learn more,


Brand leaders like Kimberly Clark, Hershey’s, Johnson& Johnson and Coty aren’t the only ones utilizing the CommonKindness coupon platform, even celebrities, like Katy Perry are participating, as seen in Progressive Grocer, in a popchips campaign that used  ASPCA as an example of a non-profit for consumers to support.  Currently Snoop Lion (formerly Snoop Dog) is promoting a Reed’s Ginger Brews Coupon on CommonKindness to his followers, who can support his new non-profit, The Mind Garden Project with the Reeds Ginger Beer Coupon on CommonKindness, or any coupon for that matter.   See the direct to Reeds coupon link / Snoop Lion video here:


“Brands love having their coupons on CommonKindness to generate sales and build brand equity by giving customers the opportunity to support their favorite non-profit.  The positive brand association allows brands to build a relationship with the customers.” says, Schloemer, Co-Founder & President of CommonKindness.


Consumers support the brand by buying their product and the brand supports the consumer by offering them a CommonKindness coupon which benefits the consumers’ favorite non-profit.


The American Marketing Research shows that allowing consumers to select their favorite non-profit in a campaign is more likely to enhance purchase intentions and lead to greater consumer support than when the brand determines the cause.


CommonKindness’ simple and instant coupon-loading platform makes it easy for brands to participate no matter what their current goals:


–          Quickly boost sales

–          Generate content for social media through the CommonKindness iframe functionality

–           Gain or maintain shelf space

–           Jump-start sales of a new product

–          Expand brand awareness – utilize the video feature

–          Supplement their current FSI program

–          Reach new and valuable audience of “influencers” – active in their community, family & non-profits

–          Increase brand loyalty & benefit from the ‘Brand Halo’ effect



Brands also love the unique CommonKindness performance-based, pay-per-sale platform because there are no upfront fees. They only pay a small fee when a sale is made.


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