Association News: CIC Launches New CIC Gold Hologram

New CIC Gold Hologram

A new gold hologram will soon be featured on many Free Product and High Value coupons.  Participating manufacturers will place this security feature across the top of the coupon as pictured below.

A Special Message for Retailers:  Protect Yourself

  • Safety First! Cashiers should not confront individuals attempting to use counterfeit coupons.
  • Retailers should actively participate in CIC’s Early Warning System. There are no fees for retailer participants.
  • Free Product and High Value coupons are very rare. There is no legitimate method to obtain large numbers of Free or High Value coupons.
  • Retailers should contact their local law enforcement agency when individuals attempt to use counterfeit coupons.
  • CIC and its Members stand ready to assist with law enforcement investigations of counterfeit coupons.

What about the Silver CIC Holograms?

Legitimate coupons featuring the silver CIC hologram will remain in circulation during the transition period and will remain valid until their expiration dates unless otherwise withdrawn by the coupon issuing manufacturer.



The use of the CIC hologram is a Voluntary Best Practice intended to make coupons more difficult to counterfeit.  While the CIC recommends its use, coupon issuing manufacturers are not required to participate in the program.  The CIC, a not-for-profit organization, does not receive any revenue from this program.

Questions?  Contact us for more information:  (239) 331-7280.

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