Association News: ACP Academy Holding Free “Family Codes for Manufacturers” Webinar on June 23

The Association of Coupon Professionals provides manufacturers and retailers with education and valued insights to effectively execute coupon promotions from development through settlement. This is accomplished by providing resources to industry professionals on coupon guidelines, new trends, emerging technologies and best practices including forums for coupon education.

ACP Academy, the Education and Training arm of the ACP is planning a webinar.

Title:     Family Codes for Manufacturers

When:  The Free one-hour webinar is scheduled for:

June 23, 2016,

               2:00 PM EDT, 1:00 PM CDT, Noon MDT, 11:00AM PDT


Webinar description:

The Coupon Industry through its associations and committees (Grocery Manufacturers Association, Food Marketing Institute, Joint Industry Coupon Committee, Association of Coupon Professionals and Coupon Information Corporation has identified Family codes as an area of improvement and is collaborating to improve coupon effectiveness, operational efficiencies, and the consumer experience through the utilization of family codes. The objective is to educate industry partners in order to facilitate the adoption of coupon Family Code best practices and purchase validation across the industry.  This webinar is focused on the role of the manufacturer in the process.

The webinar will address the following aspects of family codes:

  • What is a coupon Family Code?
  • How family code validation works at Point of Sale
  • Benefits to establishing a coupon Family Code structure
  • Basic Guidelines
    • Four levels
      • 000
      • Super Summary
      • Summary
      • Family
    • 992
  • Establish Family Code structures based on way a manufacturer promotes brands/varieties/forms/sizes
    • Examples and illustrations addressing both small and large manufacturers
  • How to publish and distribute Family Codes to all retailers who distribute/sell your product lines.
  • Utilizing solution providers to create, publish and communicate family codes
  • Create, publish, and create a reliable process for maintaining your coupon Family Codes
  • Accepting the Industry challenge; improved accuracy in manufacturer family codes will result in more retailer adoption of family code validation and improve coupon effectiveness, operational efficiencies, and the consumer experience.

The presenter Ken Conrad, Pinpoint Data is a subject matter expert on family coding and coupon data management. He lends his expertise to the industry as co-chair of the ACP Education & Training Committee and is an instructor for ACP’s Coupon 101/102 Workshop

You are invited to participate, provided you meet the eligibility requirements, which are that you work for a retailer or manufacturer or work for a vendor that directly supports retailers and /or manufacturers.
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