Association News: ACP Academy Holding Free “How to Coupon” Webinar on January 26

Whether you are a startup manufacturer or an established brand, you constantly want to increase market share and support your marketing objectives.

What about coupons? Coupons done right can successfully create trial, build sales, and market share. Make a mistake though, and a promotion can go viral with serious financial risk while alienating your trading partners and consumers…not good.

How can you benefit from coupons while minimizing the risk? That’s what the “How to Coupon” webinar is all about.  The webinar reviews a checklist of tasks and decision points that need to be made with the guidance of voluntary industry best practices.  Topics include:

  • Should my Brand Coupon?
  • Getting Started
  • Choosing a clearinghouse
  • Developing a Coupon Policy
  • Creating Family Codes
  • Choosing the Distribution that best fits the Marketing Objective
  • Coupon Creation & Design
  • Digital Couponing options & issues
  • Reporting Effectiveness
  • Documentation Process
  • Ongoing Education


Join Val Stark, SMS, ACP Academy, Chair ACP Education & Training Committee as he leads us through the varied topics and decision points on January 26 at 2PM EST. Val, a long time veteran of the industry, with expertise in consulting, planning, creation and production of promotional campaigns and a faculty member of the ACP Academy Coupon 101\102 Workshops can answer all your coupon questions.

You are invited to participate, provided you meet the eligibility requirements, which are that you work for a retailer or manufacturer or work for a vendor that directly supports retailers and /or manufacturers.

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