Annual Industry Coupon Conference set for April 22-24 in Orlando, Florida

The Association of Coupon Professionals (ACP) will present its annual Industry Coupon Conference “The Wonderful World of Coupons, Imagine: Innovation, Insight, Interaction” on April 22-24 in Orlando, Florida.

This will be the only national conference dedicated exclusively to coupons in 2014. The interactive conference format will include discussion topics such as the current industry landscape, future trends, changing consumer shopping habits, and the impact of social networks.

The conference is being developed under the leadership of the Association of Coupon Professionals in collaboration with the Food Marketing Institute, the Grocery Manufacturers of America, GS1 US, Coupon Information Center and the Promotion Marketing Association.

 As the keynote presenter, MorningNewsBeat founder Kevin Coupe will utilize compelling and real-life examples rooted in consumer behavior, technological change and cultural legacies to create a presentation designed to get attendees thinking strategically rather than tactically and to embrace rather than reject change, in a presentation entitled “The Future is Here, Now What?”

The Conference Planning Task Force, led by co-chairs Stanley Wadford, Winn Dixie and Earl Ellsworth, Universal Marketing, are finalizing details for the 2014 conference to be held at the Hilton, inside the Disney World Resort, Orlando, Florida.

The ever-changing coupon industry is evolving with new technologies and shifting consumer behavior in an unpredictable economy.  Join industry leaders as they converge in Orlando, Florida to build relationships, see, hear, and learn at the Industry Coupon Conference. Sample sessions include:

  •  Consumer Panel – Hear it from the source. In this live consumer panel attendees will engage some “All You” consumer members in a discussion about their coupon use and shopping habits.

  • “Understanding the Male Shopper:  How They Plan, Shop, Buy and Share.” Therese Mulvey, Vice President, Marketing Intelligence, Valassis shares insights on male shoppers, their growth, attributes and what influences them.
  • David Diamond, President David Diamond Associates, an industry consultant with extensive experience in retail, packaged goods and coupons will discuss “Emerging Technologies” and its impact on targeting, personalization and the ability to analyze and react to consumer response that is changing coupon promotions… and it can be executed with traditional paper, Internet printables and digital vehicles.


  • Mark Heckman, a consultant with expertise in digital technology & content, customer loyalty programs and retail marketing, will be back again to moderate a Digital Coupon Panel with digital coupon leaders that will explore the successes, opportunities and challenges of this emerging coupon vehicle.


  • Health and wellness initiatives utilizing healthcare providers distributing targeted coupons are emerging. In a case study format learn how to pair content and incentives to encourage healthier choices that result in impressive new user acquisition and repeat purchases while traversing the unique rules and regulations unique to this new distribution vehicle.


  • Interesting case studies, demonstrating innovation and success in various coupon vehicles.


  • Back again will be an afternoon of track sessions where attendees can choose from presentations tailored to their specific interests including: Digital Coupons, Redemption trends, Counterfeit Coupons, and Coupon Guidelines updates.


  • And more unique research, case studies, the latest trends, and innovation that can’t be found anywhere else but the Industry Coupon Conference.


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 For more information about the conference, contact John Morgan, ACP Executive Director, at 610-789-1478,, or visit

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