Association News: ACP Membership Value Continues to Expand

Coupons are incentives to encourage the use of a particular brand.  It creates a favorable value equation by temporarily making the price attractive. Once the purchase is made all the other brand attributes need to kick in so that the brand delivers on its promise creating a positive experience and value to the consumer.  Hopefully, that positive experience moves the user up the loyalty value scale from purchase with incentive, to purchase at regular price, and from occasional user to loyal user.

The ACP continues to add value to members in particular, and the industry in general with our forums for education and training, the development of coupon best practices in our committees and task forces, and the relationships we are building with our fellow trade associations.  To quote our mission: “The Association of Coupon Professionals provides manufacturers and retailers with education and valued insights to effectively execute coupon promotions from development through settlement” Below are some of the ways we support the mission and provide value to our members:

  • The ACP Academy – Coupon Training and Educational Conferences, Workshops and Webinars (including digital and print coupon vehicles)
    • The premier industry event for education and training, insight and interaction, the annual Industry Coupon Conference Attendance – members receive one free registration with membership and preferred rates for other activities.
  • The member area of the website is the “go to resource for all things coupon”. Dedicated resources at includes:
    • Recorded Webinars
      • GS1 Databar Practical Guide
      • How to Coupon
      • Family Codes for Manufacturers
      • Family Codes for Retailer
      • Plans for four to five Webinars p/year, recorded and available to members
    • Three years of Conference Presentations
    • Recorded Conference Presentations
    • Access to all the latest ACP and JICC voluntary guidelines
  • Eligibility to participate on any Task force or Committee to guide the direction of the industry
  • Eligibility to submit trends articles and “Members’ Corner” articles for the ACP Newsletter “Redeeming Notes” which is distributed to more than 10,000 industry participants.
  • Early Access to webinar, workshop and conference sponsorship and exhibit opportunities
  • Referral Service to ACP members for headquarter inquiries.


If you are a current member, thank you for your participation and loyalty. Non-members, find out more about how we deliver value to our members and the industry by visiting or contact John Morgan, 610-789-9993,


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