ACP Announces Coupon 101\102 Regional Workshop, October 21, Washington, DC

The Association of Coupon Professionals is announcing its cutting edge, interactive coupon educational seminar this fall in Washington, DC.

The Coupon 101/102 regional seminar will take place:

  • October 21, 2015, Club Quarters, 839 17th ST NW, Washington, DC

Attendance at these events is critical to manufacturers and retailers who continue to use coupons to build sales and increase brand loyalty.  Taught by leaders in the field, these seminars can help attendees plan a marketing campaign with coupons which maximize their return on investment.

Seminar participants learn how to market their business with time-tested tools, can refresh their knowledge of coupons, and bring themselves up-to-speed on emerging technologies as well as important industry trends. Digital Coupons, utilizing click to card and mobile,   Internet Print-at-Home and traditional paper coupons are discussed during the seminar.

“Leading marketing and promotion executives have attended Coupon 101/102 Workshops. It is an ideal way to  stay abreast of what’s going on in the coupon industry,” said Val Stark, ACP Education Director and board member.

“The interest in coupons continues to grow, driven by today’s marketplace and consumer demand for incentives. Record attendance at our recent conferences and coupon workshops clearly demonstrates the thirst for learning more about coupons,” added Stark.  “Our educational seminars are led by industry coupon experts, who have enormous passion to share their knowledge.”

“There is much to learn about the coupon marketplace as new technologies infuse our industry, such as digital coupons, and GS1 Databar,” said John Morgan, ACP Executive Director.  “Marketing and Retail customers continue to expand their use of couponing strategies to support high consumer desire and drive incremental sales. The ACP offers the perfect opportunity to stay informed about this viable marketing tool.”

The lively, interactive sessions review all aspects of the couponing industry.  Seminar topics include: Effective Coupon Strategies, Coupon Distribution Types, Coupon Design, Family Code Management, Redemption Cycle, Misredemption, Managing Risk and other areas. Attendees follow the path of a coupon from the time it is issued through redemption, financial settlement and reporting with a detailed view of all the functions in the process. Updates to the transition to the GS1 Databar are also included.

As sessions fill quickly and attendance is limited, potential participants should contact the ACP without delay.

ACP members benefit from preferred rates to ACP Events.

For more information, contact John Morgan, ACP Executive Director, at 610-789-1478,, or visit, or click for Information.

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