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ACP Academy Optional Educational Training Sessions

The ACP Academy has developed five optional educational training session for the afternoon of April 24, 2018.  Fly down early and take advantage of these training sessions taught by experienced, industry expert faculty.  These 55 minute sessions require a separate registration fee. You have the option of taking any class or all the classes. Classes are $50 each or take all five for $200.


12:00 – 12:55 PM  Coupon Basics

1:00 – 1:55 PM  Coupon Vehicles, Distribution and Redemption  Trends

2:00 – 2:55 PM Misredemption, Fraud Controls, Best Practices

3:00 –   3:55 PM Family Codes and Gs1 DataBar

4:00 –   4:55 PM Future Innovation and Initiatives

Coupon Basics

How can you benefit from coupons while minimizing the risk? That’s what the Coupon basics training class is all about.  The class reviews a checklist of tasks and decision points that need to be made with the guidance from voluntary industry best practices.  Topics include:

  • Should my Brand Coupon?
  • Coupon terminology
  • Getting Started
  • Follow the path of a coupon from the time it is issued through redemption, financial settlement and reporting with a detailed review of all the functions in the process.
  • Details on family codes and GS1DataBar, and how to plan an effective coupon
  • Choosing the Distribution that best fits the Marketing Objective
  • Digital Couponing options & issues
  • Reporting Effectiveness

…In an open interactive session enabling you to get answers to all your coupon questions.

Coupon Vehicles, Distribution and Redemption trends.

Traditional paper coupons, print at home, in-store, Sunday insert, in-pack, on pack checkout, digital; the types of coupons and where they are distributed seems endless. Each vehicle has unique attributes, its reach, the audience, success rates and cost.  This class will review historic distribution and redemption trends, and analyze shifting consumer behavior

Misredemption/fraud, controls, best practices

Coupon fraud, misredemption, counterfeit coupons and extreme couponing are the reality we live in. This class will detail the current environment and how to minimize risk with the application of voluntary guidelines and best practices.

Family codes and GS1 Databar

A correctly coded GS1 Databar and accurate, up to date family codes communicated to retailers who validate the full GS1 Databar is a best practice that can create consumer satisfaction, automated POS validation and an efficient process for the retailer.

GS1 Databar can be complicated. We will break it down for you and show you where mistakes are often made.

Family codes aren’t necessarily complicated but there are a series of decisions to be made to align their structure with how you promote your brands. We will walk you those decisions.

Future initiatives, and innovation.

Technology is fueling rapid change in the world and in the coupon world. This class will bring facts to the conversation as we review and understand the impact of various initiatives on the future of coupons.  Topics include:

  • Digital Coupons
  • Ecommerce
  • Digital rebates
  • Apps & wallets
  • Universal Digital Coupon & Process



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