Coupon 101/102 Workshop


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Topics Include:

  •     Industry Overview
  •     Effective Coupon Strategies
  •     Coupon Distribution Types
  •     Coupon Design
  •     The Redemption Cycle
  •     Family Code Management
  •     Coupon Misredemption
  •     Managing Risk

Highlights Include:

  •  Follow the path of a coupon from the time it is issued through redemption, financial settlement and reporting with a detailed review of all the functions in the process.
  •  Learn how GS1Databar coupon barcode impacts you and it’s benefits
  •  Learn from a manufacturer’s perspective about internal controls you can implement, and effective coupon program management.
  •  Workshop presenters will provide details on family codes and barcodes, and how to plan an effective coupon
  •  An open interactive session enabling you to get answers to all your coupon questions.
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