• Annual Industry Coupon Conference set for April 22-24 in Orlando, Florida
  • ACP Launches Twitter, LinkedIn and an Improved Website to Increase Interaction.
  • CIC Industry Leadership Summit Scheduled For March 18-19
  • Consumer Affairs Professionals Gather to Focus on Coupon Fraud.
  • Inmar Reports on Digital Promotions in the Mass Merchandise Channel
  • Kantar Reports on FSI Trends
  • Kantar Digital Coupon Trends

Annual Industry Coupon Conference set for April 22-24 in Orlando, Florida

The Association of Coupon Professionals (ACP) will present its annual Industry Coupon Conference “The Wonderful World of Coupons, Imagine: Innovation, Insight, Interaction” on April 22-24 in Orlando, Florida.

This will be the only national conference dedicated exclusively to coupons in 2014. The interactive conference format will include discussion topics such as the current industry landscape, future trends, changing consumer shopping habits, and the impact of social networks.

The conference is being developed under the leadership of the Association of Coupon Professionals in collaboration with the Food Marketing Institute, the Grocery Manufacturers of America, GS1 US, Coupon Information Center and the Promotion Marketing Association.

 As the keynote presenter, MorningNewsBeat founder Kevin Coupe will utilize compelling and real-life examples rooted in consumer behavior, technological change and cultural legacies to create a presentation designed to get attendees thinking strategically rather than tactically and to embrace rather than reject change, in a presentation entitled “The Future is …

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CIC Industry Leadership Summit Scheduled For March 18-19

The CIC has announced its seventh annual Industry Leadership Summit in Alexandria, Va March 18-19. The focus is coupon security as industry leaders gather to share ideas, best practices and network.  Eligibility and space is limited. Information is available at http://www.couponinformationcenter.com/2014Summit-info.php


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Consumer Affairs Professionals Gather to Focus on Coupon Fraud.

At the recent Society of Consumer Affairs Professional (SOCAP) National Conference in Scottsdale, AZ, leaders from major US Consumer Package Goods companies’ consumer affairs and operations teams attended a bonus session to discuss the rampant coupon fraud apparent in their category and hear from a series of expert presenters and panelists about some measures they are deploying to reduce risk.

Expert presenters included Bud Miller of the Coupon Information Corporation (CIC) and Sgt. David Lake from the Phoenix Police Department who was the lead investigator in the 2012 $40 million counterfeit coupon crime bust.  The expert panel consisted of Senior Account …

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Inmar Reports on Digital Promotions in the Mass Merchandise Channel

Paperless, digital offers are now fixed elements in the promotion mix for a number of channels — with significant penetration in the grocery and drug channels. But, what about the potential for increased deployment of digital load-to-card (L2C) promotions in other channels? Specifically, what is the mindset of non-food CPGs when it comes to participating – with greater frequency and in greater volume – in L2C programs with mass merchandisers?

Inmar’s Analytics team spoke recently with 106 sales and marketing professionals from 19 non-food product manufacturers regarding their willingness to provide additional delivery of digital offers to retailers in the mass …

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Kantar Reports on FSI Trends

Kantar Media reports that more than 274 billion Free Standing Insert (FSI) coupons were distributed in 2012 which represents a 0.8 percent increase in activity versus 2011.  FSI pages increased 1.4 percent overall with the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) and Franchise sectors increasing 2.4 percent and 10.2 percent respectively, offsetting an 8.0 percent decline in the Direct Response sector.  FSI coupon support for new products within the CPG sector increased 23.2 percent versus 2011 while retailer FSI promotion pages also increased 5.2 percent.

“Over the past 10 years, FSI coupon distribution has grown by 18.0 percent, reinforcing the role that FSI …

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Kantar Digital Coupon Trends

An analysis by Kantar Media’s Marx of retailer website data found that Target.com’s coupon distribution page – coupons.target.com – achieved the highest total average daily visits through the first half of 2013.

This is almost double the number of average daily visits to other key retail websites tracked by Kantar Media Marx.  A website’s average daily visits is important to promotion managers and retailers because it shows a coupon location’s web traffic or “reach” by measuring the number of times a visitor returns to and visits the location where coupons are distributed.

In H1 2013 average daily visits changed on a number …

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Members Corner: Hopster Has Awarded Over 100 Million Points to Boost Coupons

Hopster (www.hopster.com), a leading internet grocery coupon provider, and the only coupon platform that rewards consumers for engaging directly with their favorite CPG brands, has awarded over 100 million points to its consumer base in less than 1 year.

“We’re extremely proud,” says Brian Wiegand, CEO of Hopster, “by using our platform consumers are savings hundreds of thousands of dollars on their every day grocery purchases.”

At Hopster, points are awarded to consumers for completing simple activities such as Liking a brand on Facebook, watching videos or taking a poll. Those points are then used to “boost” or dynamically increase the value …

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Members Corner: Inmar Working with NCR to Better Enable Digital Offer for Retailers

Inmar (www.inmar.com) recently entered into a strategic relationship with NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR) to provide a shared solution enabling retailers to better execute, and control, their digital promotions. This new offering will integrate Inmar’s cloud-based digital coupon solutions with NCR’s marketing and POS applications, allowing retailers to quickly and easily implement digital coupon campaigns and provide paperless coupons to their customers via multiple consumer touch points.

Through this relationship, retailers using NCR marketing software and point-of-sale (POS) solutions will now be able to instantly “turn on” digital promotions and incorporate them in their marketing efforts. The solution facilitates offer aggregation, distribution, …

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Members Corner:REVTRAX® Releases SMARTOFFERS™ to Power Personalized, Dynamic Coupons

RevTrax® announced the launch of SmartOffers, a unique new technology that allows marketers to personalize printable and mobile coupon experiences based on their predefined rules.


Brands and retailers can dynamically target their digital coupons and offers based on any combination of business rules. Marketers can enable personalized customer experiences across all digital marketing channels, or through a coupon portal, with dynamic landing pages, calls to action and offers.


Campaign rules can be based on any aspect of the consumer interaction with a brand, including previous coupon engagements, geographic information, paid or owned media conditions, past transaction data, CRM criteria and more.


“We want …

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Members Corner: Coupons For Education, LLC Distributes over $26 Million in Savings to Families with…

Coupons For Education, LLC distributed 260,000 coupon booklets, on November 15, each worth more than $100 in savings, for their inaugural launch of the Coupons For Education™ program. In partnership with leading consumer packaged goods manufacturers (CPG), such as Kellogg, Rich Products, and Interstate Battery along with national retailer Target Corporation, the Coupons For Education™ program provides a free coupon booklet to families with elementary school-age children.

Elijah Collard, president of Coupons For Education, LLC said, “This is a WIN-WIN-WIN! Principals love giving their parents a coupon book with over $100 in real savings. Parents love saving money, while at the …

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Members Corner: Sarah Schloemer,Common Kindness Wins Awards from Progressive Grocer and “Stevie Award” for Women…

NEWS from CommonKindness – Not only do CPG’s, Shoppers and Non-Profits love CommonKindness.com, but now the grocery retail industry and business community is also getting behind this fantastic coupon platform that benefits so many. Progressive Grocer recently named Sarah Schloemer, President and Co-Founder of CommonKindness, as a Top Women in Grocery Award recipient. Shortly thereafter, Sarah Schloemer was also awarded a Stevie Award, which recognizes Women in business, as a Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

Sarah was recognized for her management and direction of CommonKindness, the free printable grocery coupon website that is based on a pay-for-performance model and donates 20% of its …

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Sue Wieringa, Spartan Stores, Retiring

Sue Wieringa has announced her retirement from Spartan Foods.  Sue worked in coupon for Spartan for more than 25 years. She was an active industry supporter and an active member of the ACP serving on numerous committees and task forces. In retirement, she plans to care for her mother, enjoy crafts, and have some fun adventures. Congratulations Sue and best of luck in retirement

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Members Corner: Pinpoint-Data to Provide Promotion Management Tools

Pinpoint Data LLC, the leader in online coupon data management tools, is pleased to announce an exciting new product extension – Promotion Manager™. Promotion Manager™ is a comprehensive on-line system designed to facilitate promotion planning and execution from conception to in-market delivery. This revolutionary tool will provide Marketers with a consistent and accurate process to develop promotion programs while providing transparency throughout each step of the process. Financial visibility of the entire plan, budget management, audit control, and plan communication are a few of the multiple touch points available through this comprehensive system. For additional information or a free online …

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Members Corner: S.E.A. Enterprises Announces New Manufacturer Redemption Services

S.E.A. Enterprises Inc. is pleased to announce a new Manufacturer Coupon Redemption Service for those manufacturers seeking an exciting alternative in the coupon industry.

Listening to the many manufacturers that called S.E.A. concerning their experience and issues with their coupon paying agents, they developed a program to answer their needs.  The program offers fast payment to retail clients, coupon experts available for guidance, coupon redemption and payment audit trail, 100% invoice verification, misredemptions controls and coupon redemption activity and budget reports.

S.E.A. has manufacturer coupon experts on our team that take the time to listen and help.  SEA is  proud of the …

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ACP Launches Twitter, LinkedIn and an Improved Website to Increase Interaction.

At the ACP we are excited for 2014 as we launch a number of initiatives to improve our communications, interaction, and our relevance to you, our members, and the Coupon Industry.  Among the new initiatives are:

Twitter – follow us on   Follow @couponpros   the plan is to utilize twitter to update …

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ACP wants Non-member Input on Survey

The Association of Coupon Professionals is inviting non-member Retailers and Manufacturers to provide their input in an on-line survey.

The ACP strives to be a relevant contributor to the continuous improvement to the efficiency and effectiveness of coupons in the industry. We want to know your thoughts on issues affecting the …

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Voluntary Guidelines, Best Practices, & Primers Available from ACP

The ACP is working in collaboration with the leadership of the Joint Industry Coupon Committee (JICC), the Food Marketing Institute (FMI), and Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA).  A leadership committee from these groups was formed to address coupon guidelines. GS1US and Coupon Information Corporation (CIC) are also involved. Prioritization of topics …

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ACP Offers Free Updated Poster to Help Retailers Detect Fraudulent internet Coupons

ACP Offers Free Updated Poster to Help Retailers Detect Fraudulent Internet Coupons

ACP Offers Free Updated Poster to Help Retailers Detect Fraudulent Internet Coupons
The Templates have been updated to GS1 Databar- Only
The Association of Coupon Professionals (ACP) has developed an easy-to-read poster to help store associates tell the difference between legitimate …

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