Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award is the most prestigious award granted by the Association of Coupon Professionals (ACP). The award is designed to recognize an industry professional who has succeeded within his or her own organization and spurred change and growth within the coupon promotion industry.

The award recipients should have at least five years of professional business experience in the industry; be recognized as an exceptional leader who has advanced the welfare of his or her company, industry and profession, has contributed to the success of initiatives, developments, applications and/or practices that support coupons as viable marketing tool; be recognized for his or her ethical standards and individual integrity; and not currently be an officer of the ACP.

Past recipients of this award include:

2017 - Glenn Barry
2015 - Ron Fischer
2014 - Jane Michels
2013 - Bud Miller
 2011 - Len Harris, John Irwin
 2009 - Mary Ann Pindulic
 2006 - Lorraine Gallagher
 2003 - Don King
 2001 - Carol Haas
 2000 - Carl Bisson
 1999 - Diane DuBois
 1998 - Dick McNally

For more information or to submit a nomination for the Lifetime Achievement Award, please contact John Morgan at ACP at 610-789-1478; or email:


The Industry Impact Award

The award is presented to individual(s) who display outstanding achievement within an annual period, the award was designed to honor those who participate and achieve specific goals. ACP’s Awards Committee selects the recipients of this award each year based on the above criteria.

Recipients of this award include:


Kit Mellot, Brand Technologies

Ralph Maresco, Inmar


Naomi Ali, IC Specialty Brokers


Stanley Wadford, Southeastern Grocers


Ken Conrad, Pinpoint Data
Ross Ely, Prologic Redemption
Joanne Walk, Hormel


Dick DiBlasio, Inmar
Earl Ellsworth, Universal Marketing


Matthew Tilley, Inmar
Val Stark, NCL Graphics

Dadi Akhavan, E-centives
Mike Sonsthagen, Kimberly Clark

Debbie Settle, CMS, Inc
Betty Lou Vontsolos, CMS, Inc
Jane Michels, Coupons, Inc.
Joan Wyndrum, Pinpoint Data

Jackie Broberg, General Mills

Jane Michels, Coupons, Inc.
Joan Wyndrum, Pinpoint Data

Pam Samaniego, Catalina Marketing
Mary Oster, Target Corporation
Mary Ann Pindulic, Unilever Best Foods
Val Stark, Lion Promotional Solutions
Phil von Stade, VSI Targeting